Wholesale Fashion Jewelry!Thousands of varied style and various color jewelry to Choose From: W e Wholesale and sell to reseller pendant, jade, necklace,pearl,earring,bracelet,ring,finger ring,bamboo,anklet,body jewelry,silver jewelry.We also wholesale other jewelry: ornament,trinket,brooch,breast pin,ear drop,bracelet chain,charm chain, stone chain,china jadeite,thainland jewel,crystal fashion ,agate,amber,natural pearl,cultured pearl,cat's eye,bead,synthetic gem,stitchwork.gifts,and crafts.Most of our jewelry are made from sterling silver,seashell,metal,jade,glass,wood,ceramic,pearl,bamboo,plastic,resinic,stone,amber,cat eye,fabric,cloisonne.
Wholesale Jewelry
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
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Wholesale Jewelry Display


Sunglasses Display, 18 grids
Code: DP-210-0078
Wholesale Price:
US$28.00/ 1 Piece.

Round Hair Comb Display,
Code: DP-210-0079
Wholesale Price:
US$35.00/ 1 Piece.
wholesale jewelry
Jewelry Display,LIGHT BLUE color OK shape ring and necklace display
Products No: Display-6916
Wholesale Price: Sold
USD7.95/ each
wholesale jewelry-display
Jewelry Display, white color OK shape ring and necklace display
Products No: Display-2897
Wholesale Price:
USD7.95/ each
wholesale jewelry-display
Jewelry Display, black color OK shape ring and necklace display
Products No: Display-2896
Wholesale Price: 
USD7.95/ each
Wholesale jewelry display
Jewelry Display :Earring display -Acryl
Products No: Display_DP6120
Wholesale Price: 
USD7.85/ each
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