wholesale jewelry wholesale gifts,wholesale craftsWholesale Fashion Jewelry!Thousands of varied style and various color jewelry to Choose From: W e Wholesale and sell to reseller pendant, jade, necklace,pearl,earring,bracelet,ring,finger ring,bamboo,anklet,body jewelry,silver jewelry.We also wholesale other jewelry: ornament,trinket,brooch,breast pin,ear drop,bracelet chain,charm chain, stone chain,china jadeite,thainland jewel,crystal fashion ,agate,amber,natural pearl,cultured pearl,cat's eye,bead,synthetic gem,stitchwork.gifts,and crafts.Most of our jewelry are made from sterling silver,seashell,metal,jade,glass,wood,ceramic,pearl,bamboo,plastic,resinic,stone,amber,cat eye,fabric,cloisonne.
Wholesale Jewelry Watches & Gift
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
wholesale jewelry wholesale gifts,wholesale crafts Pacific Jewelry and Gift Wholesaler
beautiful jewelry and cute gift ideaWhat customers say about our wholesale products and service
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1wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
I was happy with my items and hope to be ordering again soon as business picks up.--Jeri
2wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery

Thank you Andrew,
I will send an order later this week.
Just want to confirm, with $1000US I receive a 3% discount plus free
freight and it will be shipped from British Columbia.
Randy Gates

3wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Hi Andrew
Thank you.
I am looking forward to receive them.
Best regards
Nina Austrheim
4wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Thank you that helps. I'll look at your website and put an order
together thanks!
5wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Can you add new items on the order please?
Necklace-2338 (without pendant) US$5.50 (5pieces)
Necklace-2340 (without pendant) US$5.50 (5pieces)
I want to see the quality before ordering more. Thanks.
Regards, Pinki
6wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery

Thank you for your quick response.
I will order;
1. Handbag Jewelry No: Handbag-1342 - CA$28.32/ 3 pieces
2. Products Name: Nylon belt Watch Products No: watch-2443 Assorted Wholesale Price: CA$52.14/10 pcs
I will make an additional payment for the difference.
Thank you!
Martha Kyak
7wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Greetings from Ontario,
I am currently searching out products as I am researching opening a little shop in my area of Listowel, Ontario. I was wondering if you had a supplier in this area? I am attempting to search out products, quality, warranties and pricing. For my shop I was thinking of a jewelry counter with some unique trendy items such as purses, scarves, picture frames etc.
Just wondered if you get me in touch with your distributor.
Cathy Black
8wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Hi Andrew,
Enclosed please find the list of a new order. Please remember to credit back $97.04 to me. Can I pay by my company's cheque this time? The bank charged me $5 each for money order. Will you have more new products in coming months? I am mostly interested in earrings and bracelets but you don't have much choice now.
Thank you for your kindness.
Regards, Pinki
9wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Hi Andrew Yang
Thank you for the note about the items out of stock.
I have found some similar items you can replace them with.
Barrette 1021   1.80 x 6 = 10.80
Barrette 1023   1.80 x 3 =  5.40
Barrette 987    2.80 x 4 = 11.20____________
Sum                                              27.40
I also wounder if you in any way have the opportunety to send me some kind of NEWS LETTER by mail
when you have new items in your stock.
I would be delited if that could be arranged.
I am looking forward to receive the items, and to future trading with you.
Best regards
Nina Austrheim
10wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
I just got you paid with paypal.
Many Thanks,
11wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Could I add more to my order?
12wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Could you replace with 1) 2987 & 1) 2973 ?
13wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your help. I appreciate a lot about your service. I am so sorry that I was very busy last weekend and I could not make a new order to you. But I am still keep looking on your website and made some choices already.
I am very interested in the products from US. I will try to make another order this weekend cos Christmas is coming and people are starting to look for Christmas Gift. I need to prepare enough of stocks. Thank you. Keep in touch.
Regards, Pinki
14wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Hello, I'm planning on opening a new business devoted to hemp and I would like a price list and/or product list. My current objectives are to source reliable suppliers.
Thank you for your time.
Warmest Regards,
15wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery


Interested in your products .

Is there a chance to see you products on internet?

Michaela de la Cour

16wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
I called you while you were working at the PNE.
I was wondering if i could see the size of the thread and how thick it is.
I saw the pictures on the internet and wasn't sure of how zoomed in it was.
I also live in Vancouver.
You can e-mail me or call.
- Diana Xu
17wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Hi Andrew Yang
 I am delited to hear that yoy are ready to ship out my order, and thank you ever so much for the offer you make.
 It is ok to send it as you suggest.
 I am looking forward to get the merchendises, and order more from you in the future.
I suggest that you send my orders with Canada-Air service in the future too.
Best regards,
Nina Austrheim
18wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
I received products todays, its beautifeul. Thanks!
Kin Chiu
19wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Can you tell me the cost to add 2939, 2946,2954,2962, & 2970? I will pay the difference with paypal.
20wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery Hi Andrew

We received the bangles this morning.
They're great! Thanks very much.
Hope to make another order soon.
Kind regards
21wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Dear Sir,                                                                                                       
 I would like you to know that I received my order today. I'm very pleased. The copper rings are beautiful.  I'll be ordering soon again.                                                                                                    
 Thank you so much.            Sincerely Marilyn Czarnecki
22wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery Hello:
My stuff arrived today - thank you!
I hope to do business with you again in the future.
23wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery
Thanks Andrew
your a life saver
24wholesale jewelry-wholesaler of jewellery Good morning Andrew
Thank you, the parcel arrived this morning (it's 7.30 am Tuesday 21st here). That was really fast!! I was expecting it to take another week or so, so thats really awesome. Also really happy with the products.
Thank you for the great service and i hope to do business wth you again in the near future.
Have a great day :o)

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